This video explores three main topics: How MPC Live II compares to MPC Live I and MPC One How good Live II’s speakers are, and… What’s new in MPC version 2.8 in particular in light of the cons in my quite comprehensive MPC version 2.7 tutorial video. TIMELINE: 0:00 Intro 0:30 Live II vs I vs One 2:15 Buttons 3:30 Connectivity 5:45 Size 6:50 Storage 7:30 Speaker test 9:50 Version 2.8 10:15 “Cons” fixed 10:25 Track select 10:35 Q-link overlay 11:45 Pad perform 12:35 Timestretch 14:30 Retro record 15:25 Custom chords 16:10 Other misc 16:25 Multi MIDI 17:30 MIDI settings 18:45 Config & arm 21:00Read More →

This video is a comprehensive tutorial for Squarp’s Pyramid sequencer – one of the most feature packed sequencers out there. If you want a shorter review and comparison to Hermod, Squarp’s modular sequencer – here’s a link to it. This video is a deeper dive into Pyramid – getting into all the nitty gritty details, features and workflow.   Here’s the video, and there’s a timeline below.   MAIN CHAPTERS: 1:00 OVERVIEW 11:00 LIVE MODE 17:00 STEP MODE 31:40 TRACK MODE 41:25 SEQ MODE 46:35 MIDI EFFECTS 53:55 MISC   OVERVIEW 1:10 Connectivity 2:00 Panel overview 2:30 Basic terms 3:15 Modes 4:00 Project scope 5:30 NavigationRead More →

If you’ve seen clips of Elise Trouw live looping, aside from being an amazing artist, you’ve seen her effortlessly live loop without touching a looper. All she does is play her instruments and sing, and the parts she plays loop, stop looping and then come back in again automatically at just the right times. I’ve seen comments to her clip saying it’s fake – that someone’s pressing looper buttons for her, or that it’s all just done in post, but that’s not the case. Live looping without touching a pedal is very possible, and in this clip I show three ways to do it. TheRead More →