MPC Live II vs MPC One and MPC Live – Speaker test, review and 2.8 tutorial

This video explores three main topics:

  • How MPC Live II compares to MPC Live I and MPC One
  • How good Live II’s speakers are, and…
  • What’s new in MPC version 2.8 in particular in light of the cons in my quite comprehensive MPC version 2.7 tutorial video.


0:00 Intro

0:30 Live II vs I vs One

2:15 Buttons

3:30 Connectivity

5:45 Size

6:50 Storage

7:30 Speaker test

9:50 Version 2.8

10:15 “Cons” fixed

10:25 Track select

10:35 Q-link overlay

11:45 Pad perform

12:35 Timestretch

14:30 Retro record

15:25 Custom chords

16:10 Other misc

16:25 Multi MIDI

17:30 MIDI settings

18:45 Config & arm

21:00 Live looping

23:15 Pros & cons

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