Monome Norns Review Tutorial

monome norns review – community soul in a music computer – 10 scripts explored

Norns from Monome is a small sound computer that can run different apps, or scripts designed to respond to MIDI or process incoming audio, and in many cases generate something completely new on its own. It can be a generative sequencer, audio mangler, sampler, looper and much more.

The beauty of Norns, alongside the large number of creative scripts available for it, is that it’s relatively in-expensive – especially if you’re handy with a soldering iron because both the hardware and software are entirely open source.

You can use Norns on its own, but many scripts work with companion controllers and Eurorack modules sold separately by Norns, as well as other MIDI controllers or launchpads.

In this video I take a look at this interesting musical ecosystem and community, a few interesting scripts, and wrap up with some alternatives and pros and cons you might want to be aware of before diving in.


0:00 intro

1:50 three norns

3:45 connectivity

6:00 workflow

7:05 system menu

7:25 tape

7:55 params

8:45 maiden


11:10 grid

11:40 awake

12:40 thirtythree

14:45 mlr

17:00 other grids?

17:50 arc

18:25 mangl

19:00 larc

20:00 mx.samples

20:40 passersby

21:30 scripting

23:30 alternatives

24:05 vs organelle

25:20 pros & cons

31:30 showers

32:00 icarus

33:05 oooooo

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