Hector vs Beebo review tutorial

Hector and Beebo Review and Tutorial – Your dream effect without a line of code

Hector is the Eurorack version of the effects pedal Beebo from Poly Effects. It’s a full virtual modular system in Eurorack format, meaning that inside it are over 90 different digital modules you can patch to each other and create your own dream module, or just use its individual components like audio effects, like delays, distortions and convolution reverbs, a euclidean sequencer, or Echoplex style looper, but also full ports of open source modules by mutable instruments, including rings, marbles, clouds and more.

In this video I take a look at how it compares to its pedal brother Beebo, how Hector fits in within a eurorack setup, how to build patches, take a look at a few of its modules, and the pros and cons of putting all of that into one touch screen module. I’m sure I’ll get asked how it compares to ZOIA Euroburo – so I discuss that as well:


0:00 Intro

1:35 vs Beebo

3:20 Patching

8:15 MIDI learn

8:55 Spotlight

10:25 This setup

12:15 Fripp patch

13:20 Latency

14:15 Mutable ports

16:05 Rings

16:50 Into Clouds

17:30 Marbles

18:20 Grids

20:10 Euclidean seq

21:15 Loopler

22:20 Competition

24:45 Pros & cons

29:25 Outro

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