KingKORG NEO Review and Tutorial

KingKORG NEO Review: Retro character returns in a new compact form

KingKORG NEO is a 3-octave version of the original King Korg, in a more compact form factor. Other than a few differences which I discuss in the video, it has the same hands-on workflow, the same all-digital multi-oscillator engine with over 130 waveshapes and samples, the same 18 filter models, effects and modulation options, the same bi-timbral or dual-layer features, and a vocoder mode.

In this video, I briefly take a look at the differences between NEO and the original KingKORG, and then dive deep into its workflow and synth engine, including its very interesting oscillator section and multiple filter models:


0:00 Intro

1:05 vs. KingKORG

1:55 Overview

4:20 Edit mode

5:25 I/O

6:10 Oscillators

6:40 Basic shapes

7:05 Noise

7:40 Dual osc

8:00 Unison osc

8:25 Sync

8:40 Ring mod

8:55 Xmod/VPM

9:30 DWGS

10:20 PCM

12:00 Filters

15:10 Two timbres

16:05 Effects

18:40 Envelopes

19:20 LFOs

21:00 Mod matrix

22:50 Vocoder

24:25 Arp

25:35 Voice unison

26:20 Settings

26:55 Pros & cons

29:45 A few presets

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