Arturia KeyStep 37 tutorial

Arturia KeyStep 37 Review and tutorial – 6 tips and generative ideas

KeyStep 37 is Arturia’s update to the KeyStep 32 – as its name implies it has 5 extra keys, but Arturia also added four knobs for CC parameter control, an expanded chord mode and more.

Here’s my full review:


0:00 Intro

1:00 Overview

3:00 Scales

4:10 MCC

4:20 Connectivity

5:10 CV setup

6:10 Arpeggiator

7:45 Pattern arp

8:55 Arp octaves

9:40 Sequencer

10:30 Overdub

11:00 Pattern length

11:50 Ext metronome

13:05 KBD Play

14:25 Chords

16:35 Strum

18:15 IDEAS & TIPS

18:25 Drum sequencing

20:35 Generative ideas

22:10 Gate & strum

23:45 Audition melodies

24:25 Rhythmic sync

25:50 Pattern len fills

26:15 Pros & cons

28:50 Outro jam

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