Behringer Poly D review

Poly D from Behringer is based on their own Model D, which in turn is based on Moog’s MiniMoog Model D, but expanded in quite a few ways. It has four oscillators instead of three, and they can be played paraphonically or polyphonically depending on your definition of those terms; it has a sequencer and arpeggiator, and a velocity sensitive keyboard with aftertouch, as well as analog distortion and delay circuits.

Here’s my full review, workflow tutorial as well as a few patch ideas:

0:00 Intro
0:50 Modes
2:45 Unison
4:00 Poly
4:50 Auto damp
7:20 Overview
9:30 Chorus
10:05 Distortion
11:00 Oscillators
13:20 Mixer
14:40 Filter
16:00 Envelopes
17:05 Filter env
19:15 Controllers
22:50 Arpeggiator
24:45 Sequencer
27:20 Synthtool
27:40 Tips & ideas
31:00 Pros & cons


  1. Very good and clear walkthru of this excellent synth. Thank you 👍

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