Prophet 5/10 Rev 4 vs Prophet 6

Blind test: Prophet 5/10 REV 4 vs Prophet 6

I usually make my own “VS” videos – this one, if you don’t mind, is a remix. Julian Pollack – or J3PO, a professional keyboard player, producer and sound designer, made an excellent comparison video between the Prophet 10 Rev 4 and the Prophet 6.

As I was watching it, I really connected with the “mojo” of the Prophet 10, but I have to admit that when I listened without looking at which of the two he was playing, I found the task of telling them apart much more difficult.

To me the real test of raw tone is a blind one, and both because I don’t have either synth and because Julian already did such a great job creating raw tones on both, I reached out and got his permission to make a blind test remix. Here’s the result:


0:00 Intro

0:45 Specs

2:20 Tests start

2:35 Saw #1

3:05 Saw #2

3:30 Square #1

3:50 Square #2

4:15 Filter

5:20 Rev 3 vs 1/2

6:15 Resonant sweep

7:05 Vintage break

7:30 Triangle

8:00 PWM

8:30 Brass

9:00 Filter envelope

9:55 String

10:30 Outro

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