Don’t Panic! Ableton Live Explained in 37 minutes or less

For the past two years, every time I discovered something non-obvious about Ableton Live I jotted it down, and the result is this clip and the accompanying tips to be added in the November edition of my book – available on Patreon.

Ableton Live is an extremely powerful DAW and electronic music performance platform, but there are a few aspects of it that are far from intuitive. Hopefully this clip will help you make more of it!

Here’s a clip timeline:

0:00 Don’t panic!
0:55 Use two windows
2:20 Overview
5:00 Recording
7:50 From session to arrangment
10:20 Overdubbing
11:45 Clips & devices
13:10 Editing clips
13:40 Loop controls
15:25 Clip boxes
16:00 Clip tips
18:10 Warp explained
19:05 Follow actions
20:15 Automation
21:15 Draw envelopes
23:35 Record motion
24:40 Unlinking mods
25:15 VST automation
26:25 MIDI mapping
26:55 Important preferences
27:30 Audio configs
28:15 MIDI configs
29:55 Default set
31:00 Other settings
31:35 Capture
32:30 Misc features
35:20 Want more?

2 thoughts on “Don’t Panic! Ableton Live Explained in 37 minutes or less

  1. Already mentioned on your YT channel, you did a great job. For DAW beginners or those with DJ background only it is one of the best Ableton tutorial out there and recommended. Even that it is easy to understand and adopt by the way you explain, I guess, I will watch it multiple times as you provide so much valuable information in a very structured format per each single minute 😉

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