Morphagene from Make Noise may seem like a simple module, but there’s a lot going on beneath the surface. This video walks through 20 tips and ideas for using Morphagene, including using it as a mono and “poly” granular synth, several types of delay, a synced looper, a drum machine and more.

Here’s a timeline of the video:

0:00 Overview
2:05 Stereo recorder
2:55 “Tape” speed control
4:30 Using splices
5:50 Morphagene as a Drum machine
6:20 Overdubbing
7:35 Resampling
8:30 Simple delay
9:30 Reverse delay
9:50 Harmonized delay
11:00 Single repeat effect
12:20 Gene and Slide
14:30 Gene smoothing
15:00 Morph explained
17:20 Phased looping genes
18:00 Morphagene as 1v/oct synth
20:15 Chords/Morphagene polysynth?
21:40 Time stretching
22:45 Using the CLK input
24:10 Chronological scanning
26:10 Synced looping
28:00 Envelope follower
28:25 Phase & pitch mods
30:30 Precision splicing

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