Review Maschine Plus vs Akai MPC vs i7 MacBook Pro

Maschine Plus vs Akai MPC vs i7 MacBook Pro

Maschine Plus is Native Instruments’ Standalone version of Maschine. In this video I answer over 450 questions I received about Maschine Plus, and how it compares to Akai’s MPC product line and using the Maschine MK3 controller with a computer:

0:00 Intro
0:40 Plus vs MK3
4:20 Plus vs 2.7ghz i7
5:50 CPU: Full songs
12:35 CPU: Samples
13:55 CPU: Drums
15:20 CPU: Plugins
22:35 Plugin params
23:40 Kontakt, Reaktor
25:10 Kontakt .NKI
31:05 Reaktor .ENS
32:25 Plus studio hub
33:50 Ext audio interfaces
35:35 MIDI templates
36:05 Locks 4 ext gear
39:00 MPC pros
42:00 Plus pros
48:25 Workflow
52:00 Arranger clips
52:50 Misc differences
53:50 Outro jam

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