Model Samples vs. Digitakt + 10 performance tips/hacks

Here it is! A full, detailed review of Elektron’s new Model:Samples, and a feature by feature comparison to Digitakt, which is the question I believe most people interested have on their mind: what are the tradeoffs, and what can one do that the other can’t.

I’ve also narrowed the gap between the two a bit with a few tips and hacks that fill in the blanks in Model:Samples’ feature set, like the lack of sample locks and filter envelope.

Below are two timelines, one for the 10 tips/hacks in the video, and another based on overall content.

1:40 Add Amp envelope stages using the LFO 
2:40 Add a Filter envelope using the LFO
9:30 Trim samples to create different single cycle waveforms and use a sampler as a synth
15:30 Apply Chance to all tracks using control all for instant pattern variations
16:45 Make beats without a pattern by assigning different retrig rates to different pads
18:00 How to create Sample Locks on Model:Samples even though it can’t
20:40 Implementing chokes in Model:Samples
22:00 Triggering all the samples using one MIDI channel
22:30 Ideas to working with kits and adding instant variety to your patterns
24:00 Multichannel export shortcut

0:00 Intro
1:10 Architecture
2:05 Filter options
3:00 Project scope
4:00 Sound vs. sample
4:55 Encoder controls
7:55 Control all
8:15 Sampling
8:45 Editing samples
10:10 Pads & layout
11:10 Sequencing
13:30 Param locks
14:40 Conditional trigs
15:30 Chance
16:05 Save/reload
16:30 Retrigs/ratchets
17:30 LFO
17:55 Sample locks
20:55 MIDI sequencing
22:00 Kits
23:25 USB audio
24:25 Scales
25:50 Build & summary

2 thoughts on “Model Samples vs. Digitakt + 10 performance tips/hacks

  1. Thank you so much for your reviews and tutorials. With your depth, you hit upon some details that a few others do not. And your creativity is just as grand, as was demonstrated by playing every patch in that recent KORG release. Curious as to why I was unable to find it on your site. Nonetheless, thank you.

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