Multi-track tape killer? EHX 95000 by Electro-Harmonix reviewed

The Electro-Harmonix EHX-95000 is the latest in its series of multi-track loopers. The concept behind these loopers is simplicity, and for the most part, knob per function.

Electro-Harmonix were clearly going for scale here: the EHX95000 can live loop into 6 mono tracks, which can be used alternatively as 3 stereo tracks. It also has a seventh “mixdown” stereo track that can live record all 6 mono tracks, including their level and panning motion, and mix them down into one stereo track, freeing the 6 tracks for even more live looping.

Each of the tracks has its own dedicated level control, and the six mono tracks have panning control as well. Panning can be used to separate your tracks in the stereo field, but also, as I show in the video review, as a performance tool to send each track through a different external effects chain.

The combination of 6 mono tracks and one stereo mixdown track is called a Loop, and the EHX95000 can store 100 of those on a removable SD card. The supplied 16GB card can store up to 375 minutes.

There’s an easily accessible UNDO button to clear up recording mistakes or as a performance tool.

Once a loop is recorded, it can be overdubbed, with an ability to control the level of the part you’re dubbing over, so “old” parts of a loop can gradually fade away as you record new ones. There’s also a “punch” in function if you prefer to replace part of a recorded loop rather than overdub.

Loop length can be determined in real time, or quantized to a pre-set tempo. A metronome is available with a count-in function, and since there are dedicated headphone outputs, your audience need not be troubled with the metronome clicks.

Additional performance features include one-click reverse, one click octave drop, and the ability to adjust the pitch and tempo of a loop after you record it. This can be done either via smooth control or quantized to semitones. Pitch and tempo shifting go together – you can’t change one without the other – the higher you raise the tempo, so goes the pitch, and vice versa.

In terms of connectivity, the EHX-95000 has two L/R inputs with 1/4 inch/XLR jack type connector, with a phantom power switch. There are separate headphone and L/R outputs, as well as a monitor output and AUX input. A USB port means you don’t need a card reader to read or write to the SD card. WAV files can be transferred to and from the SD card so you can save your loops, or import pre-recorded ones. There’s also an expression pedal input to control loop levels.

The included MIDI in and out ports give you extensive control over the EHX-95000 via MIDI commands.

PROS: Very easy to use and learn, plenty of tracks with knob-per-function control; extensive MIDI controls

CONS: All 7 tracks in a loop need to be the same length; no onboard effects.

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