Polyend Preset Anywhere Poly 2 review

Here’s my review of all three of Polyend’s new modules – Anywhere lets you power a modular setup with a regular phone charger – I explore how far this goes; Poly 2 is an updated version of their polyphonic MIDI to CV module with additional functionality, fewer outputs and a smaller footprint; and Preset – a module designed to give you preset-like functionality for eurorack, but also has custom LFOs, a sequencer, and can function as a mini keyboard:

1:30 mA vs mAh
4:15 Power needs
5:10 Pros & cons

5:40 POLY 2
6:20 MIDI in
7:10 CV outs
10:20 Pros & cons

11:10 PRESET
12:20 The setup
13:35 Take control
16:10 Playing pads
17:45 Custom LFO
20:20 Slew
21:35 Sequencing
24:00 Banks & misc
24:35 Pros & cons
25:50 More ideas

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