Chase Bliss MOOD loopop review

Review: MOOD from Chase Bliss and its unique clock explained

MOOD is a new effects pedal from Chase Bliss Audio – developed in collaboration with Old Blood Noise Endeavors (its left side, with spacial reverb/delay style effects) and Drolo FX (the right side, micro-looping and granular synthesis).

What got me interested in this pedal isn’t the individual parts – but rather its Clock feature – which lets you slow down its sample rate, and here’s the important bit: in harmonized steps of octaves and fifths. 

The result is an effect that plays along whatever you “feed it”, and gives you a slower or faster and yet harmonically relevant and gritty version of what you play – sort of like easy sub harmonics in a box.

Here’s the full review, timeline below:

0:00 Intro
1:00 Overview
4:15 OBNE side
4:20 Reverb
6:00 Delay
7:30 Slip
8:35 Drolo side
9:30 Env
11:45 Tape
12:30 Stretch
13:55 Back & forth
15:00 DIP & bounce
16:30 MIDI & EXP
17:10 Pros & cons
18:50 Outro jam

5 thoughts on “Review: MOOD from Chase Bliss and its unique clock explained

  1. Is there any way to utilize tap tempo with this thing? It seems like a pretty obvious feature to have a delay/looper with tap tempo, and I don’t see any information regarding this. If I have to bend down to change the time of the delay/looper via knob turns, that is a pretty far step backward in terms of usability. Otherwise, this pedal is really impressive.

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