Review: Moog Sirin (and the updated Minitaur)

Moog’s new Sirin is a refresh to the Moog Minitaur with a new look, but more importantly, it got a major upgrade to the internal oscillators that lets it play much higher notes, rather than stopping at C4 like the Minitaur.

Other than those two things it’s completely identical to the Minitaur, the thing is, if you search for reviews of the Minitaur you’ll see reviews and videos from 2012, when it was first released, which aren’t really relevant because so much has changed in the firmware and supporting software.

Here’s a full review of what Sirin (and Minitaur) are and what they can do (at least as of January 2019!):


0:00 Intro
0:40 Unboxing
1:15 Digital control
1:55 Oscillators
3:20 Shift functions
3:40 Filter
4:20 Mixer
5:30 LFO
6:40 VCO2 mods
8:30 Envelopes
9:45 Glide
10:05 CV to mod/MIDI
11:00 Sirin editor
12:45 Pros & cons

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