MPC Key 61 Tutorial and Review

Review & Tutorial: AKAI MPC KEY 61 vs MPCs & other workstations

MPC KEY 61 may seem like just an MPC with a built-in keyboard, but it’s also Akai’s first shot in workstation wars – where there’s fierce competition for a keyboard you can both produce tracks on, and take with you to a performance to rely on for a broad range of sounds and sequencing tools.

For those familiar with MPCs, I start this video by taking a look at how MPC Key 61 differs from just plugging a MIDI keyboard into an MPC, and then take a deeper look at what makes it tick, for those of you considering MPC Key as your main keyboard, whether standalone or as the heart of a larger setup. 

Finally, I talk about its pros and cons compared to other workstations on the market:


0:00 Intro

1:15 Key 61 vs MPC

1:40 The keys

2:30 Touch strip

3:55 Buttons

4:45 Connectivity

6:20 Storage

7:15 Content

8:05 Similarities

8:45 Basic workflow

9:35 Sounds

11:05 Fabric vs XL

11:40 Fabric vs Stage

12:40 Performances

13:30 Layers/splits

15:20 Arm vs merge

18:00 Favorites

18:30 Setlists

19:35 MPC tutorial

20:10 Fixed “cons”

21:50 Empty project

22:35 Fabric XL

24:35 OPx4

25:20 Stage EP

25:46 Organ

26:15 Strings

27:15 Kybd ctrl

28:05 Long press

28:35 Swipe menu

29:05 Pros, cons

36:15 Ambient noodle

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