Roland TR-8S Version 2.0 review

Roland TR-8S Version 2: Review and 10 performance tips

Roland’s TR-8S is 80’s nostalgia in product form… it was released two years ago and combines virtual analog models of Roland’s classic drum machines, including the 808, 909 and 606, along with sample playback capabilities. 

Roland has just released firmware 2.0, with major updates – namely multiple FM based drum synths and other FM synths in the form of “mini-engines” – each controllable with a single Morph knob. They’ve also added a few interesting effects and performance short cuts. 

If you have one, you should definitely check it out, and if you don’t – it’s still an interesting take on FM drum synthesis that you’re welcome to explore with me in-depth in this video! This video also includes a few performance tips and ideas, many of which are applicable to other drum machines (and will of course be added to the next book update…):

0:00 Intro

1:15 What’s new?

1:30 FM synths

2:50 How Morph works

4:20 Sound demos of FM drum synths and synths

10:40 Cowbell…

11:05 New effects

12:45 New shortcuts


17:50 Connectivity

18:40 Key features

19:50 Sequencing

20:20 Automation

21:25 Sample controls

23:15 IDEAS & TIPS

23:25 Mixer view

23:50 Gain vs faders

24:20 Send defaults

24:45 Weak & accent

24:55 Compressor

25:15 Tune melodies

25:50 FM sweet spots

26:10 Filter harsh FM

26:40 S&H LFO

27:40 Easy polyphony

28:35 Pros & cons

32:10 FM Jam

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