What’s new in MK2? Elektron Analog Heat MKII review and sound test: Is it worth it?

Elektron’s new Analog Heat MKII is an updated version of their analog enhancer and destroyer. The sound circuits remain mostly the same but the new interface and screen make a big difference. The Analog Heat isn’t cheap, so hopefully this review will help you evaluate if it’s worth it. Here’s my detailed review, walk-through and sound test with various sound sources on all eight analog circuits:



0:00 Overview
0:50 Analog Heat MKI vs MKII
1:20 Detailed sound test for the Character circuits with various audio sources
1:30 808 drums
3:50 Electric guitar
7:05 Sine waves
8:40 Digitone FM
9:30 The Filter
11:00 EQ controls
11:20 Automation and modulation
11:40 LFO
13:35 the unique Envelope follower modulation source
17:30 Mod matrix
17:55 Frequency panning for the filter
19:00 Dry wet level features
20:00 USB audio
20:30 Presets

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