10 creative ways to use LFOs

I recently received for review the VariFO, a new and relatively cheap quad LFO module from VoicAs – a new eurorack company. With so many LFOs on tap, it inspired me to put together a clip with beginner as well as more advanced and creative LFO uses.

In this clip I explain what an LFO is, demonstrate how its basic parameters work (depth, rate, shape), and show ten different things you can do with LFOs:

1. Tremolo
2. Vibrato
3. FM synthesis
4. A Wobble effect with two LFOs
5. How an LFO can also be used as a clock or trigger in a modular setup
6. Using an LFO to sequence beats
7. Random sequencing with LFOs
8. How to use an LFO as an arpeggiator
9. How to create new LFO shapes
10. How to use an LFO as a sequence-synced timed VCA gate.

Used in this clip alongside VariFO are the Arturia Minibrute 2S, Disting MK4 from Expert Sleepers, and Plaits from Mutable Instruments

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