Animals and synths tips and ideas

14 Synth Tips and Ideas with Animals and Synthesizers (from Instagram…)

If you like synths and are on Instagram there’s a good chance you’ve seen and heard the beautiful synth and animal soundtracks created by AnimalsAndSynthesizers. Here’s a behind the scenes look at his workflow:

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0:00 Intro
0:35 Origin story
1:45 Visual inspiration
4:00 Motion matching
6:15 Opposing mods
8:30 Microtonal vibe
9:35 Harmonic layers
11:20 Wait for sound
12:50 Create ambience
13:40 Hardware synths
15:00 Counterpoint
15:25 Synth foley
16:55 Macro magic
20:25 Forest synthesis
25:45 Cat synthesis…
26:15 Swarm synthesis
29:05 More ideas

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