Elektron Model Cycles Review and Tutorial

Elektron Model Cycles Review, full tutorial and 7 tips and tricks

Model:Cycles from Elektron is a standalone FM and drum synthesis based groovebox with a focus on knob per function control and simplified synthesis models.

Elektron took a different approach here compared to its higher end Digitone – rather than give you free control over dozens of synth parameters, Model Cycles takes a more immediate and hands on approach giving you six fm machines and with four unique parameters controls in each machine. Here’s my full review, including quite a few tips and trick for making the most of it:


0:00 Overview

4:00 Preset sounds

6:30 Tone machine

8:50 Chord machine

10:15 Kick machine

11:30 Snare machine

12:30 Metal machine

13:25 Perc machine

14:15 Sound design

14:40 Effects

16:40 LFO options

18:00 Velocity mods

19:50 Sequencing

21:00 Automation

22:50 Cond. trigs

25:35 Preset locks

26:50 Machine locks

27:20 Misc stuff

28:50 TIPS & IDEAS

28:50 Retrig jam

29:35 Attack hack

31:00 LFO groove

31:45 Decay hats

32:10 Jam tips

33:45 MIDI control

34:25 Poly hack

37:15 Pros & cons

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