Additive Synthesis Tutorial

Additive Synthesis Magical Mystery Tour – Pigments 3, Razor, Loom & Alchemy Resynthesis Tutorial

In this video I look at the magical timbral world of Additive Synthesis with a few practical examples using additive synths and synths that have an additive component, including Alchemy, Pigments 3, Loom II, Razor and Polyphylla:


0:00 Intro

0:30 Sound to sines

2:40 Adding up sines

4:10 Tonewheel “synths”

4:40 Partial envelopes

7:30 Resynthesis

11:30 Animating partials

12:30 Spectral curves

13:10 Alien invasion

15:25 Natural sounds

16:00 Additive effects

17:40 Formant morph

18:20 Env timeshift

19:20 Natural decay

20:20 More additive tips

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