UNO SYNTH PRO review and tutorial

UNO SYNTH PRO Review and tutorial – Pros and cons for IK Multimedia’s new synth

UNO Synth Pro – both the desktop and keyboard versions – are the next step in IK Multimedia’s hardware synth lineup. The synth guts in both are identical – three analog oscillators playable paraphonically, two analog filters, analog drive, and then on top of that a digital effects section with mod, delay and reverb effects, as well as an arpeggiator and sequencer.

In this video I take a deep dive look at the pros and cons of these synths, especially compared to other options on the market, and play all of their factory sequences and sounds to give you a taste of what they can do:


0:00 Intro

1:20 Overview

3:30 Workflow

5:20 Synth guts

6:40 Connectivity

7:50 Oscillators

8:40 Mixer

9:50 Osc x mods

11:40 Paraphonic

14:05 Filter

17:00 Series/Parallel

19:15 Effects

22:20 Mod matrix

27:45 Arpeggiator

29:20 Sequencer

32:40 Song mode

34:45 Scales

36:00 Pros & cons

41:05 128 Presets

1:02:50 Outro…

2 thoughts on “UNO SYNTH PRO Review and tutorial – Pros and cons for IK Multimedia’s new synth

  1. This is super cool stuff! Quick question: What are using for your waveform analyzer and your frequency spectrum graph? It seems like a super useful tool to have!

    1. Hi, I use MOscilloscope and MAnalyzer by a company called Melda – they’re free with some limitations in the MFreeFXBundle. Occasionally I’ll use scopes by VCV

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