KeyStep Pro Review

Arturia KeyStep Pro – Full review and tutorial

KeyStep Pro from Arturia is a MIDI keyboard controller with 4 built in sequencing tracks – each capable of acting as a polyphonic sequencer, or alternatively, a drum sequencer in the case of track 1 and three arpeggiators in tracks 2 thru 4.

It can control MIDI instruments – software or hardware, or modular synths with control voltage. In this video I go over what it can and can’t do and compare it to a few competing products:


0:00 Overview

3:20 Connectivity

4:30 The setup

5:15 Arpeggiator

8:05 Time divisions

8:30 Step Sequencing

10:05 Track polymeter

10:20 Live record

11:45 Step edit

12:25 Seq modifiers

13:20 Drum sequencer

14:55 Mutes

15:35 Drum polymeter

17:20 Control track

18:55 Scales

20:40 Chains

22:30 Scenes

23:00 Jam walkthru

25:15 Projects

25:40 Performance controls

26:45 Looper

29:50 Splits

30:10 Chords

30:55 Control center

31:20 CV routing

32:45 Utility menu

34:05 KSP vs SLmk3, BSP

36:35 Pros & cons

5 thoughts on “Arturia KeyStep Pro – Full review and tutorial

  1. Hi Loopop. Long time follower…

    I have a question about the Keystep Pro which I have not been able to find an answer to anywhere.

    Are you able to send MIDI notes to the Keystep Pro via MIDI (basically have it act as a MIDI Thru device).

    I’ve tried:
    – MIDI Keyboard connected directly to the MIDI-in of KSP. The lights over the keys on the KSP light up, so it’s receiving notes, but no sound.
    – MIDI notes from Ableton to KSP via USB. Again, the lights over the notes in KSP light up, no sound.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Thanks very much! Sorry, I’ve never tried, so with what you’ve tested, you have more experience than me… If you find out and have the time please leave a comment back – thanks!

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