Aeros and BeatBuddy Review

Full Review: Aeros Looper and BeatBuddy by Singular Sound

This video is a double feature – a review with pros and cons of both Aeros Loop Studio and the BeatBuddy drum machine from Singular Sound. Each can be used independently, but they can also sync with each other over MIDI.

Aeros is a multi-track, multipart stereo looper: Multi-track means it can record up to 6 different-length layers in parallel, and multi-part means you can record several parts of a song, like a verse, chorus and bridge.

Beat Buddy is a pedal-based drum machine designed to make fills and part selection easy with a single tap of your foot or hand.

Here’s the full review of both instruments:

2:40 The Setup
3:30 2×2 workflow
5:20 Part sync
6:15 6×6 workflow
7:50 The mixer
9:15 Freeform loops
10:45 Settings
12:00 Connectivity
12:30 Pros & cons

15:05 How to use it
16:00 Footswitch+
16:50 Drum sets
17:45 Content
20:15 Settings
20:55 BB Manager
21:45 Connectivity
22:10 Pros & cons
23:10 Outro jam

4 thoughts on “Full Review: Aeros Looper and BeatBuddy by Singular Sound

    1. you could just plug it’s audio into the looper, or through a mixer if you wanted something else in the loop as well – I’ve not tried it though…

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