Behringer DeepMind Review Tutorial Tips and Tricks

In this video I take a deep dive into DeepMind – it’s part review, part beginner’s tutorial, and also has a “tips and tricks” part, highlighting 10 little gems hidden in this synth that may not be obvious from a first look at the interface.

It’s quite a long video, but there’s a timeline as usual both in the video and below so you can skip around to the parts that interest you most.

0:00 Overview
4:00 Main screen
6:20 Oscillators
11:25 Filter
13:45 HPF & boost
14:35 Modulation
15:30 LFOs
17:55 Envelopes
20:35 Curves
22:55 Mod matrix
25:10 Effects
27:10 Arp & Seq
32:00 chords
33:05 VCA
33:30 Settings
33:50 The app
38:15 Gem #1: Note off vel
39:30 Gem #2: Dual pitch as chord, mini-shimmer and harmonizer
41:15 Gem #3: Using effects loops for various types of shimmer
42:25 Gem #4: Freeze function in Vintage Reverb
42:50 Gem #5: Using the Control sequencer as a note sequencer with oscillator separation
47:10 Gem #6: Using the Compare function to morph a preset
48:15 Gem #7: Gain as a sound design tool
48:30 Gem #8: Feedback loops in effects
48:50 Gem #9: Macro controls using the mod matrix
49:15 Gem #10: Sostenuto
50:30 Pros/cons

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