Novation LaunchPad X vs Mini MK3

Review: Novation LaunchPad X vs MINI MK3 and Custom MIDI layout tutorial

Novation just updated the LaunchPad Mini with RGB color pads and the LaunchPad X with velocity sensitive pads and polyphonic aftertouch. But that’s not all… check out all the differences and new features in the review below:

0:00 Intro
0:45 Hardware
2:25 Using the grid with Ableton Live
3:15 Stop/Mute/Solo on Launchpad Mini
4:50 LaunchPad X’s Mixer
6:30 Playing notes in Live with LaunchPad X
9:00 Factory MIDI layouts
10:05 Creating a custom layout
14:10 Light shows
14:40 Settings
15:00 Summary

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