Behringer Pro-1 Review and Tutorial

Behringer Pro-1 is an analog remake of the classic Sequential Pro-One, with the same interface, and internal oscillators and filters that are clones of the originals. Behringer also added an interesting new duophonic mode that doesn’t exist in the original Pro-1, as well as additional patching points that open it up to interesting sound design opportunities.

In this video I take a brief look at how Pro-1 compares to Behringer’s existing monosynth line up (Neutron, Crave, MS-1, Model D and K-2), then take an in-depth beginner-friendly look at what Pro-1 can do, and finally wrap up with some patch ideas, and pros and cons:

0:00 Intro
1:00 Comparison to other monosynths in Behrginer’s lineup
2:30 Overview
4:20 Oscillators
7:15 Glide & mixer
7:55 Filter
10:05 Filter and Amplifier Envelopes
13:00 LFO
13:50 How the mod matrix works
17:05 Arpeggiator
18:20 Sequencer
19:30 Modes
21:40 Idea #1: Using the LFO as a simple two note sequencer
22:40 Idea #2: A trick to sync the LFO to key presses
24:05 Idea #3: Using Glide in duophonic mode
24:30 Idea #4: Rhythmic PWM modulations
25:15 Idea #5: Additive synthesis using resonance
26:40 Idea #6: Applying an envelope to resonance
27:20 Idea #7: Creating an audio feedback loop
28:05 Idea #8: LFO fade in patch idea
29:50 Idea #9: Pushing the LFO beyond its panel limits
31:10 Idea #10: Using the LFO as an oscillator or drone note in Drone mode
31:40 Pros & cons

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