erica synths pico system 3 review

PICO SYSTEM III from Erica Synths is a step away from the previous PICO systems. The cost has been reduced by creating one set of modules rather than individual swappable ones, and complex digital modules have been replaced with simpler analog ones. However, an interesting feature has been added: support for Buchla Easel-style preset cards.

This video is a full review of PICO System 3, and also includes a little hack for getting much more than just simple patch presets out of the voice cards:


0:00 Intro
0:50 Overview
2:55 Preset cards
4:10 DIY expansion – “hacking” a preset card
6:15 Sequencer
7:00 Oscillators
9:10 Mixers
10:20 Modulator
11:50 Envelopes
13:30 LPG/Filters
15:15 Analog delay
17:00 Pros & cons
19:45 Outro jamĀ 

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