DIY Mastering shootout

DIY AI Mastering Shootout: Soothe 2 vs Gullfoss vs Intensity by Zynaptiq, along with Magnetismus 2

My last album was mastered professionally and I was happy with the results, but for this one, I wanted to take a look at a few DIY options to try and personalize things a little bit more. In this video I’ll be taking a look at and comparing a few tools that can make a finished mix sound better – whether it’s by removing harsh frequencies, fixing dynamics problems or adding character – in particular – I’ll be exploring Gullfoss by Sound Theory, Soothe 2 but OekSound, Magnetismus 2 by Tegeler and Intensity by Zynaptiq:


0:00 Intro and disclosures

2:15 The setup

5:10 Soothe 2

8:20 Magnetismus 2

13:50 Hardware pros and cons

15:50 Gullfoss

18:35 Intensity

20:30 Fight!

22:30 Ozone 9

24:40 Summary

25:15 Outro

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