Dreadbox TYPHON review and tutorial

Dreadbox TYPHON Review, Tutorial and 9 Patch Ideas

TYPHON is a two-oscillator, single filter analog monosynth from Dreadbox, with digital effects from SineVibes – and it does quite a few things in an original way, both in terms of controls, and in terms of price. At under 400 dollars or euros, it still has preset storage, excellent effects, and a very powerful mod matrix. In this video, review it in-depth, check out its pros and cons, and cover a few patch ideas to help make the most of it:


0:00 Intro

1:00 Overview

3:45 Connectivity

4:20 Oscillators

6:40 Oscillator FM

8:20 Filter

9:30 Filter FM

11:30 Effects

11:40 Distortion

12:45 Enhancer

13:20 Reflection

14:20 Envelopes

16:35 Modulators

21:10 Step mod

22:20 Controllers

24:05 Sequencer


26:35 Ext oscillators

28:45 Reverb chords

29:30 Paraphonic seq

30:50 Chord sequence

31:20 Reso as osc

32:05 Formant synth

33:05 Delay twang

33:25 Delay plucks

34:35 Your init preset

35:50 Pros & cons

2 thoughts on “Dreadbox TYPHON Review, Tutorial and 9 Patch Ideas

  1. Great videos on your channel, I am a regular follower! I want to ask: which software do you use to display the waveforms in your video (the oscilloscope and the wave)? Best regards

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