Loopop ZOIA Review

Empress ZOIA compared to 3 product types: Boutique pedals, MultiFX and Modular // Review, tutorial

What drew me to ZOIA initially actually wasn’t its programmabiltiy, but rather the rapidly growing number of interesting community made patches. As I was exploring it, it seemed more appropriate to compare ZOIA to three different product types, or in other words, to explore its pros and cons for three different potential buyer types: People interested in boutique effects pedals, people interested in multi effects, and people looking for a portable environment to develop and use modular patches.
Here’s my full three-part review, along with brief tutorials that show what it’s like to create mutli-effects chains and program “modular” patches on ZOIA:


0:00 Intro
1:10 Overview
4:00 vs. Pedals
4:15 Patch demos
7:35 Pedal pros/cons
8:45 MIDI mapping
10:25 Patch desc
11:50 vs. MultiFX
12:15 Building chains
15:15 MultiFX pros/cons
16:40 vs. Modular
17:10 Module overview
18:15 Audio & CV
18:40 Building a patch
22:30 Modular pros/cons
24:30 Summary

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