Critter and Guitari just released the Organelle M – an updated, more portable and powerful version of the original Organelle. This comes shortly after the release of Orac 2 by Mark Harris, an open source platform designed to let you easily create “mega-patches” of sequencers, sound engines and effects, on the Organelle and other open platforms. 

Here’s my review of both, showing both their power and limitations: 


0:00 Intro 

1:00 Organelle M vs 1 

3:30 Menu overview 

4:30 Using patches 

6:20 Multipage patch 

6:50 Adding patches 

7:50 Editing patches 

8:05 ORAC 2 

10:40 Patch chains 

13:00 Other features 

14:15 Pros & cons 

16:40 A few patches… 

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