Frap Tools USTA Review and Tutorial

USTA is a eurorack sequencer based around the concept of four independent tracks with variable stage lengths, meaning that each step in a sequence doesn’t necessarily represent the same amount of time as the one before or after it.

It also supports chance and randomization or a per stage basis and has 16 stage knobs for immediate access stage parameters. It’s quite a bit more powerful than may initially seem, but with power comes complexity. Here’s a full review and tutorial alongside a walk through what a set up it controls can look like:


0:00 Intro
0:50 Overview
3:40 Setup walkthru
5:00 Project structure
6:10 Stage params
7:30 CV channels
8:40 CV stage types
9:05 Gate stage types
10:10 Variations
10:35 Gate layers
11:10 CV layers
12:10 Short cuts
13:10 Main screen
14:05 Stage loops
15:20 Song mode
16:45 Composition
18:05 Misc features
20:10 Pros & cons

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