Hydrasynth loopop review

Here’s my full review of both the keyboard and desktop versions of ASM’s new Hydrasynth. They have the same synth virtual analog / fm / wavetable / wave shaping synth engine, and the keyboard version has both polyphonic aftertouch and a ribbon controller, while the desktop has pads that are both velocity sensitive and have polyphonic aftertouch. There’s a timeline below as well.

0:00 Intro
1:00 Overview
5:05 Keys vs desktop
7:30 Poly aftertouch
9:20 Ribbon
10:55 Chords
11:35 RGB pads
13:20 Synth engine
13:40 Oscillators
16:35 Mutant modules
22:00 Ring/noise
22:50 Mixer
24:00 Filters
28:50 Amp
29:15 Envelopes
31:30 LFOs
34:25 Effects
38:50 Voice controls
39:30 Arpeggiator
41:15 Mod matrix
44:10 Macros
46:30 CV I/O
46:45 Random
47:30 Pros & cons

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