Korg Nutekt NTS-1 review and tutorial

NTS-1 is a new standalone mini synth from Korg’s Nutekt DIY brand. It’s a small but powerful digital synth that’s based on the same programmable digital oscillator and effects engines that are in Korg’s bigger Minilogue XD and Prologue synths, only this has an additional arpeggiator and digital filter.

It’s a mono synth, meaning it can only play one note at a time, but you can still use its effects to process external audio, as it has a line input.

NTS-1 arrives as a kit that you need to build yourself. It doesn’t require any soldering and everything comes included and takes less than half an hour to build. The screws that come with it are a bit tiny but luckily it comes with a tiny screw driver. Here’s my full review and walkthrough of all its features


0:00 Intro
0:30 Building NTS-1
1:10 Hardware overview
3:40 Oscillator
6:00 Osc parameters
7:10 Filters
8:15 Env generator
9:45 Mod effects
10:35 Delays
11:20 Reverbs
12:30 Arpeggiator
14:25 Audio in
15:20 Pros & cons


  1. Hi, thank you very much for all your reviews and lessons!
    I have a question regards the Nts1.
    I haved search but cant find the answer, will the synth work as a synth when we use it as a sound/effects processor with external audio in.
    It will come out the external audio and the synth itself thru the stereo output?
    Or it bypass the synth when the audio in is used.
    I ask because I have a Monotron and I would like to use the effects of the Nts1 but also layer bouth, the Monotron and the Nts1.
    Thanks in advance and keep going with the good work.
    Best Regards

    1. Author

      Thanks! External audio does not bypass the internal audio, so you can use both

  2. Hi, thank you for the amazing videos!
    I’ve looked around but I can’t find an answer.

    Is there any program change and MIDI CCs.

    Thanks, best regards,

    1. Author

      Thanks! There are no programs so there’s no program changes. MIDI CC’s work – there’s a spec on their site

    2. Hello, very usable video. Thanks!
      Can the arpeggiator or the ribbon send midi signals via usb? Thanks in advane!

      1. Author

        Thanks! I don’t know… unfortunately it’s not near me now to check – I would ask Korg

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