Plus Pedal vs Superego

The two leading “infinite sustain/freeze” pedals on the market today are Plus Pedal from Gamechanger Audio and Superego+ from EHX.
In this video, I look at the similarities and differences between the two, and also compare how they perform with a broad range of sounds: electric guitars, pianos, synth waveforms, cellos, a trombone, saxophone, and even tubular bells.


0:00 Intro 


2:30 Alternatives 

3:10 Timing 

3:55 Sends 


4:25 Effects 

5:25 Connectivity 

6:20 Expression 

7:20 Layering 

10:55 Sustain 

12:40 Gliss 

13:30 SOUND TEST    

13:40 Electric 

15:25 Pianos 

16:55 Synth 

19:55 Cellos 

22:00 Trombone 

22:55 Saxophone 

23:35 Tubular bells 

24:30 Pros & cons 

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