Modal Argon8 Review and full tutorial

Modal ARGON8: Review and full workflow tutorial

Argon 8 from Modal is an 8 voice, digital wavetable synth, with virtual analog, waveshaping and FM thrown in for good measure. It has plenty of hands on controls, a nice selection of on board effects and an arpeggiator and sequencer. It’s competitively priced but is it worth it? This video takes an in-depth look at its capabilities and compares it to its other recently announced peer – Hydrasynth.


0:00 Intro 

0:55 Overview 

2:45 Screen 

4:05 Knobs 

5:30 Joystick 

7:10 Connectivity 

7:30 Oscillators 

8:55 Wave banks 

12:50 Spread 

14:00 Wave mods 

16:50 Osc mods 

21:00 Filter 

23:40 Envelopes 

26:00 LFOs 

29:10 Expression 

29:55 Mod matrix 

31:00 Effects 

34:30 Arpeggiator 

36:30 Sequencer 

39:15 Software 

39:50 Misc 

41:30 vs Hydra 

43:20 Pros, cons 

45:30 Outro jam 

2 thoughts on “Modal ARGON8: Review and full workflow tutorial

  1. Thank you so much for this in-depth review and the many others which you have painstakingly carried out. If you don’t mind, I have three questions. 1) Do you believe the sequencer of the new Fantom will be altered to that of a more linear form + allow import of sound sets offered in the new Jupiter? 2) With the last true merger of computer and synth being the Neko, do you see something of the same sort emerging soon? 3) Any possible rumours on powerful synths / workstations from KORG, DSI, Akai? Merry Christmas + Happy New Year! Blessings…

    1. Thanks for the kind words! 1. I haven’t dug into Fantom yet but hope to soon… 2. I don’t think Neko did too well – who knows about the future. I think we’re seeing nice integrations with things like Maschine and Push 3) I don’t have rumors, but I do have facts 🙂 unfortunately I can’t share them, but stay tuned to the channel… sorry for the tease, but yes, fun stuff is coming

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