arp 2600m review tips and tricks

Korg ARP 2600M – 26 patch ideas – Review tutorial & pros/cons (tips should work on Behringer 2600)

The ARP 2600M (for Mini) from Korg is a reproduction of the original ARP 2600 – just 60% of the size of the original. The original 2600 is a 1970s’ classic analog synth with three oscillators, a ladder filter and a bunch of bonus components. In this video we’ll unbox it, and get to know it by exploring quite a few advanced patch ideas and tips for making the most of it:


0:00 Intro

1:25 Overview

5:05 Analog bitcrush

6:55 LFO as arp

7:35 Preamp relocation

9:35 Modulating depth

11:55 ASR env to AD

12:40 Snappy trig env

13:45 Fourth LFO

14:20 Proper PWM

15:25 More cables

15:50 The two filters

16:50 Filter overload

17:25 High pass filter

19:10 Chords

19:50 Useful dummy

20:10 Duophony

21:30 Mod wheel

22:20 Mod fade in

22:55 Portamento

24:35 More mults

25:10 Patch randomizer

26:15 Explore curves

26:55 Switch 2 to 1

27:45 Switch 1 to 2

28:50 Neg ramp LFO

29:55 Complex LFOs

30:45 Be recording

31:40 Pros & cons

33:55 Outro

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