RC-505 mk2 vs RC-600 thumb

BOSS RC-505 MK2 vs RC-600 – Review and tutorial – 505 MKII vs RC-505 looper / loopstation comparison

The desktop RC-505 MK2 and the footswitch based RC-600 pedal are Boss’s new flagship loopers. In this video I take a look what the RC505 MK2 and RC600 can do in detail, with pros and cons compared to each other and in particular to the original RC-505 MK1:


0:00 Intro

2:00 Overview

6:05 Effects slots

8:50 FX demos

13:00 FX seq

14:10 Track settings

16:30 Rec/play

17:45 600 vs 505MK2

19:00 Modes

20:50 Customization

22:10 Push hold click

24:15 600 vs 300

24:40 505 MK2 vs OG

25:55 FX banks

27:20 Rhythms

28:00 Mark

30:20 Timestretch

31:20 Custom beats

33:25 Tone studio

33:55 Misc settings

35:10 Assigns

37:20 Pros & cons

40:50 On the Floor

46:50 Parachute

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