With the Minilogue XD, KORG did something which may prove to be one of the most interesting things a synth manufacturer can do: they opened up its digital oscillator and effects engine to any developer that cares to create plugins for it, without going through Korg for approval or certification. This is already bearing fruit with a few very interesting plug-ins, and most likely more to come.

Here’s a review and full beginner friendly tutorial of the XD, a few advanced patching ideas and an explanation of its digital engine alongside a few examples of third party plugs.

Detailed timeline with list of tips and tricks below.


0:00 Intro
0:55 Overview
2:10 Connectivity
3:05 Load panel
3:30 Analog oscs
5:05 Voice modes
6:10 Arpeggiator
7:00 Cross mods
8:10 Multi engine
10:50 Analog filter
12:40 LFO
15:50 Envelopes
17:40 Effects
20:50 Sequencer
23:10 Menu options
25:40 Ideas & tricks
25:50 Tip #1: Using a sawtooth LFO to create a rhythmic pattern
26:30 Tip #2: Applying two mod sources to a single destination
27:45 Tip #3: By-passing the filter to create a “bi-timbral” patch
28:35 Tip #4: Adding and removing harmonics without a filter
29:00 Tip #5: Hidden LFOs/Envelopes in multi engine plugin parameters
30:20 Tip #6: Using the Pitch 2 envelope for hard sync
31:20 Tip #7: Using the Pitch 2 envelope for to create a kick and including it in a rhythmic sequence
32:05 Tip #8: Using the sequencer as a multitrack tempo synced LFO for destinations not 
33:20 Cool plug-ins 
33:20 Cool plug-ins
38:05 Pros & cons
40:45 More ideas


  1. How on Earth do you learn such depth of so much hardware at such a cadence? You, sir, are incredible. Also, thank you for sharing what you learn with the rest of us. Your work is a true gem for us all.

    1. Author

      Thanks so much for your comment! The secret: A lot of work 😉

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