Crave from Behringer is a semi-modular analog monosynth based their 3340 oscillator and ladder filter, with a single LFO and envelope, an arpeggiator/sequencer and a 32 jack eurorack compatible patch bay priced at around $200. The market for analog synths at this price is getting pretty heated up, so let’s check out how Crave compares – a full timeline is just under the video below:

0:00 Intro 

0:45 Overview 

2:30 Connectivity 

4:00 Oscillator 

6:00 Osc mods 

7:05 Filter 

8:45 Filter mods 

10:45 Envelope 

12:30 LFO 

14:10 Utility 

15:15 Arpeggiator 

16:05 Sequencer 

21:10 Global controls 

22:00 Patch bay 

22:20 Assign output 

24:40 Patching ideas 

25:35 Playing the filter 

28:25 Feedback ideas 

29:40 Playing the LFO 

31:15 FM synthesis 

32:25 Config software 

32:45 Pros & cons 


  1. Your reviews are fantastic. Keep em coming. THANK YOU!

    1. Author

      Thanks for the comment 😉

  2. Hey, amazing video.
    Quick question, hope you can help me:

    I’m sequencing my crave via usb from ableton and I want some sort of clock output that I can chain to a volca sample. Is there a way to assign the assign channel to a cv clock?

    1. Author

      Yes if I remember correctly… please check the manual if/when it’s available

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