Korg Nautilus Review and comparison to Kronos

Korg NAUTILUS Review, Tutorial, and Comparison to KRONOS

Nautilus is a workstation keyboard that’s very similar to Kronos, Korg’s Flagship Workstation keyboard, but priced about a third less. In this video, I take a look at what was improved and what was removed, what its workflow is like, and overall pros and cons:


0:00 Intro

0:40 vs Kronos

6:30 Connectivity

7:30 Workflow

10:10 Knobs

11:35 AL-1 (Virtual Analog)

12:15 Polysix

12:55 MS-20

14:20 STR-1

14:35 MOD-7

15:15 SGX-2 Piano

15:30 EP-1

15:45 CX-3 Organ

16:00 HD-1 Sampler

18:40 Program mode

20:15 Combi mode

21:40 Setlist mode

22:45 Scenes

24:20 Arpeggiator

25:45 Drums seq

27:55 Custom arp

30:10 Sequencer

33:55 Sampling

35:05 Effects

37:30 Pros, cons

3 thoughts on “Korg NAUTILUS Review, Tutorial, and Comparison to KRONOS

  1. Thank you for this review and comparison. How do you like the semi-weighted keybed? Also, how is the Nautilus build quality? Is it solid and rugged, or does it look/feel cheaper than a Kronos?

    1. My pleasure. The keybed is OK and the build quality seems excellent. I don’t have a Kronos to compare.

  2. As a Kronos user, I can say half the reason I purchased the Kronos is for Karma. I’ve been using my Kronos for over 6 years now, and still use Karma frequently. I just finally got all my outboard synths connected to a dedicated midi interface and use the Kronos to send midi messages to them all. So, now I can use Karma, not just with Kronos, but with my other synths as well, and it is fantastic.

    Two things that are a bummer about Kronos and Karma. First, Karma is no longer being supported, by Korg or the original designer of Karma, Stephen Kay. Second, as far as I can tell, the software programmer for Kronos (on the Mac anyway) no longer works and Korg hasn’t been supporting it for a couple of years.

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