Korg OPSIX review and fm synthesis tutorial

Korg OPSIX – review, tutorial and 10 patch ideas

OPSIX from Korg is a six operator digital synth designed for FM, phase modulation, subtractive synthesis, waveshaping and audio rate cross modulation, with up to 32 voices.

In this video I explain how all those things work in opsix, including a beginner’s look at FM synthesis, I’ll address some patch ideas, take a look at the pros and cons of this synth compared to a few alternatives, and play all of its presets:


0:00 Intro

0:50 Overview

4:55 Randomization

5:30 Connectivity

5:50 Operator basics

9:05 Algorithms

12:10 OP envelopes

13:30 OP params

14:50 Ring mod

16:05 Filter mode

17:50 Filter FM mode

18:25 Wave folder

19:20 Voice filter

20:30 Effects

23:00 Arp, sequencer


25:55 Bi-timbral split

28:25 Tri-timbral seq

28:55 Velocity mod

29:30 More arps?

30:30 LFO key sync

30:50 Massive chords

31:20 Chord trigs

31:40 Seq to arp

32:00 Fake hard sync

32:30 Cutoff knob

34:40 Pros & cons

37:25 All 250 Presets

2 thoughts on “Korg OPSIX – review, tutorial and 10 patch ideas

  1. No mention of the Midi implementation – sysex or just a couple of CCs like the Wavestate?
    I sure hope it is better than the Wavestate. That synth is great but after the initial gloss wears off, it feels a ‘less than a pro’ machine not being able to get to the ‘insides’ via Midi.
    The OPSIX FM mixer and encoders looks like a useful way to edit FM. I trust it isn’t like the DX7 in that you don’t have to re-strike a key to hear changes (much like the Montage/MODX)?

  2. The opsix is a good fm synth with Virtual analog style mod routings, a 16 step motion sequencer, fx and arpeggiator. It’s downsides’ so far are no multi stage envelopes which it really needs if its to compete with the original 6 op Yamaha’s.
    No envelope rate scaling either.
    As yet no midi information has been released and furthermore the librarian software is a complete pain in the arse to install.
    The randomizer function causes the synth to freeze requiring a power reset.

    Really nice synth but as usual Korg have crippled by design what could have been a truly amazing bit of kit.

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