Korg Wavestate Review and Tutorial

Korg’s Wavestate is a new take on their original WaveStation from the 1990’s. It’s not a reissue, but rather a completely new synth with a much bigger sample library, more user friendly interface and modular style sequencing options, and it also has vector synthesis engine built in. In this video, I take a look at whether it’s easy to use, and of course explain both Wave Sequencing and Vector Synthesis:

0:00 Intro
1:00 What is Wave Sequencing 2.0?
3:00 Vector synthesis explained
3:50 Overview
7:10 Navigating the interface
10:40 Timing lane
12:35 Crossfade
13:45 Sample lane
14:20 Probability
15:15 Pitch lane
16:20 Shape lane
17:55 Gate lane
18:10 Step seq lane
18:40 Master lane
19:50 Lane controls
21:50 Filter
23:55 Envelopes
25:30 Vector envelope
27:10 LFOs
29:10 Mod matrix
31:40 Mod knobs
31:15 Arpeggiator
34:05 Effects
37:20 Single v Waveseq
38:30 Misc
40:10 Pros & cons


  1. This is off topic but I need to be pointed in the right direction. I’m getting my first hardware synth and have narrowed it down to a few now: Moog Grandmother, Sub Phatty, Behringer Deepmind 12, Digitone Elektron, and maybe the more monologue xd. Coming from the guitar monophony seems a bit weird to me but I’m okay with it.

    1. Author

      My advice is to do the research and never listen to advice from others – listen to the synth…

  2. Thanks for this very informative Wavestate video, very well done!
    About the insanely long MSample list (video position 42:20+)
    ok! you cannot search but doesn’t the little “ALL” tag behind “MSample” indicate that you might at least be able to filter by category?
    I haven’t found any info on this in the manual.

    Another thing that I’m highly interested in:
    Do you know if there is any way to select a sample using MIDI NRPN or SysEx?
    If so, I might be able to build a little handy Lemur template for much easier sample selection…

    1. Author

      Thanks! Yes, you can choose from about a dozen categories. Re CC/sysex control I don’t have any additional info beyond the manual

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