This video is a follow up to my original “14 0-Coast Hacks” video, and looks at what 0-Coast can do with a little help from a few friends.

Pairings explored are:

  1. MIDI and CV controllers, preferably with built in sequencers and arpeggiators, and multiple MIDI and CV outputs.
  2. Adding effects to 0-Coast, Reverb in particular.
  3. What it would take to augment 0-Coast in a hybrid modular setup with VCV Rack.
  4. How modular sequencers can pair with 0-Coast to modulate its various controls.
  5. Using an external modular sequencer to control subharmonics.
  6. A couple of filter pairing ideas.
  7. Adding modular voices alongside 0-Coast.
  8. Multi function modules.
  9. Various options for mixing multiple eurorack sources.
  10. Pairing with other semi-modular synths using DFAM as an example.

“Bonus” hacks included in this clip show how to generate two different subharmonic waveforms (square/pulse and saw/triangle) and two ways to create Pulse Width Modulation on 0-Coast.

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