I recently uploaded a video where I used both ends of a Stackcable (split cables made by Tiptop Audio) as a three way splitter, and I got a few comments from people who didn’t know that was possible. One thing led to another and the result is a short video exploring that concept, as well as buffered vs passive mults and some other uses for split cables.

In a nutshell, a Stackable is a passive splitter, or mult cable, with jack inputs on either end. Passive splitters can be used to take one audio or modulation source and send it to multiple destinations. They can also be used to distribute pitch 1v/oct CV, however, you’re better off using an active or buffered mult module for that, as a passive split can hurt proper tracking.

…and while I had the camera rolling, might as well throw a couple of extra tips/tricks in… including how to use a stackable and mixer to drive and distort a signal, as well as implement the classic “feedback into filter” trick.


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