Matriarch vs Grandmother

Matriarch vs. Grandmother // New Features in Moog Matriarch

This video covers two things – first, updates to Matriarch since my original review, and then second, to answer a question I got quite a lot after my review, which is what are the differences between the two? Is Matriarch an upgrade and should you “upgrade” Grandmother? Or are they two different things. Here’s the full video, and there’s a timeline for your reference below.


0:50 What’s new?

3:20 CV to CC

5:00 Param ctrl

6:15 Bird’s eye vs.

7:00 Grandma pros

8:45 Detailed vs.

9:45 Mod & utils

11:30 Osc & VCFs

14:30 Env & delay

17:10 Misc

2 thoughts on “Matriarch vs. Grandmother // New Features in Moog Matriarch

  1. In one on your video’s, you mentioned having patch examples for both Grandmother and Matriarch. Do you printable version of these? Also, I already have grandmother, but seriously thinking about the Matriarch. Do you think both would work well together? If so, what would be the best way to connect?


    1. Did you see my videos dedicated to Matriarch and Grandmother? Quite a few patch ideas there if that’s what you mean.

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