MC-707 Review by Loopop

The MC-707 is a new groovebox from Roland, and it’s coming back in to the game quite strong, with a clip-launcher style workflow, powerful synth engine and time stretching looper. Here’s my detailed review, and there’s a timeline below.


0:00 Intro
0:25 Overview
2:00 Connectivity
2:45 Grid layout
4:20 Scenes
4:45 Track types
5:30 Preset sounds
7:40 Sound design
8:00 Tone engine
14:00 Drum engine
15:00 Sequencing
16:15 Step params
18:05 Clip params
19:40 Step sequencing
20:20 Live looping
22:10 Stretch & pitch
23:55 Sample trim
24:20 Automation
25:50 Pad modes
26:50 Scatter
27:30 Master effects
28:30 Send & return
29:50 MIDI sequencing
30:40 Pros & cons

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